Executive Management

Executive Management

Ken Johnson President & CEO

Ken was responsible for the acquisition, financing and development of the Braúna diamond mine, Brazil’s largest diamond producer and South America’s first diamond mine developed from a kimberlite deposit. Ken has been active in Brazil for 20 years, and is one of the leading diamond experts in the country. Ken has 40 years of mining industry experience, with the majority of his experience focused on the development of diamond deposits in Brazil, Central and South Africa and Canada. Ken holds a B.Sc. Honors in geology from the University of Windsor, Canada, and has completed certification courses in South Africa related to the valuation of rough diamonds.

Christian Schobbenhaus Vice President, Operations

Christian graduated with a degree in Geology from the University of Brasília, Brazil.  He started work in diamond exploration as a student in the 1990s with De Beers working in the Chapada Diamantina area of Bahia state.  He has 22 years of mining industry experience, most of which has been focused on diamond exploration in Brazil.  Christian was instrumental in the development of the Braúna diamond mine, having worked on the property during its early stages of exploration, and supervising its development and mine construction.  Prior to his experience at Braúna, Christian worked on kimberlite exploration property with Vaaldiam Resources and Rio Tinto in western Brazil.

Geovani Mariz Finance Director

Responsible for managing the Finance & Costs department for Lipari. He has 17 years of industry experience in all phases of a diamond property including exploration, development, operation, and commercial production. Geovani holds an MBA degree in Finance and undergraduate degrees in Economics and Accounting.

Aguinaldo Aureliano da Silva Controllership Director

Aguinaldo holds a post-graduate degree in tax accounting and is a licensed accountant in Brazil. He has over 27 years of mining industry experience and is responsible for the management and supervision of Lipari’s accounting department. He is responsible for the preparation of the Company’s financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards required by listed companies.